Biggest Branding Blunders Advisors Make

I want you to picture what it would be like if you walked into your office on a Monday morning, you opened up your email, and you had six new messages all from folks that you’ve never met, folks that you’ve probably never even heard of, all requesting a meeting with you. What if instead [...]

How To: Brand Yourself Like A Pro (PART 1)

Everyone who’s started a business has heard about the importance of branding. You have to brand yourself as this, make sure your brand reaches them, or your brand impression should portray that. You can’t take off running until you have a definite direction to head. The same goes for starting a marketing campaign without a strong brand message [...]

Increasing Your Booking And Closing Ratios (How To)

80% of revenue is generated by 20% of the producers. This isn’t because those successful advisors spend thousands more on marketing dollars, or hold dozens more seminars. It isn’t in the overall quantity of opportunities. It’s the ratio of success on each of those opportunities. The biggest contributor to those ratios of success, the efficiency [...]

Creating The Perfect Online Presence

I spoke on our webinar last week about the importance of having a professional looking online presence. The truth is that you would never operate a business out of a building that looks like this. So it drives me nuts when advisors try to operate an online presence with social profiles that look like this! [...]

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