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Todd2015 Client of the Year

Todd Schneider, Schneider Wealth Mangement

“They have propelled my business in a short time period and I wish I had used more of the services sooner. I stupidly was testing everything out for too long and wasted valuable time with them. Tell people NOT to wait to have them do more!!!!! One of the best services I have ever used with very little effort on my part! I have spent a lot of money on-line with different services over the last 10 years. This is best I have ever used for the money!”

After using the program since March of 2014, here are Todd’s numbers for Just 2015:

  • New Clients secured with Radical Promoting in 2015 = 14
  • Referral from these clients by the client emailing over links = 5 (all became clients by receiving article or radio show links)
  • 2-4 leads per month directly from the website and social media (Radical Promoting runs all of Todd’s website, emails, marketing, social media and additional marketing ideas)!
  • At least 1 lead each month becomes a retirement client within 1-3 months after initial email or phone call.
  • Todd is then getting at least 1-2 more lead conversions within 4-8 months (they keep seeing the media out there)!
  • Average client from radical promoting = $530,000 in AUM (About 30% of this is 401(k) which Todd will be able to take over within 1-5 years) – more down the pipe!
  • Average Annuity Sale per client = $210,000 single premium
  • Indexed IUL directly from Radical Promoting clients = $76,580 in Target Premium in 2015 (2 cases)
  • Planning fees directly from Radical Promoting = $19,600
  • Radical also promotes the classes Todd teaches, which adds another 3-6 clients per class grouping – either from current client referrals or social media.
  • Todd only teaches two college classes a year and use Radical Promoting.

Jeff Cutter Results

2014 Client of the Year

Jeff Cutter, Cutter Financial Group

Less than $1 million in 2012 to $29.13 million in 2013


2013 Case Study: From Less Than $1M to $29.13 Million in 12-months

As an instrumental figure in the development of our program, Jeff has seen the radical results that our client’s have come to expect from the Radical process.

In 2012 when Jeff first opened his new Falmouth office in the heart of his competition, 119 agents and advisors within 15 miles, all competing for the same 15,000 seniors, he had less than 1 million dollars in sales his first year.

By the end of 2013, after 18 months of radical promoting, Jeff had produced more than 29.3 million dollars helping folks in his local community plan for a secure retirement. He also is able to spend more time advising, and less time selling as many of his initial appointments (9 out of 10) are now converted to clients, compared to just 2 out of 10 prior to working with Radical.

Has been interviewed by:



From No-Name Jeff → Celebrity in 18 Month’s

In a little over a year Jeff has become a figurehead in his market, he has been interviewed by the Wall Street Journal, he’s on TV or Radio at least once a month, and he currently has a weekly financial column in several local newspapers. His articles and methods have served as the basis for countless agents, and continues to be the basis for all our Elite Advisors.

Since mid 2012 Jeff has been part of the Radical Process with Leibel Sternbach and his Marketing Success Team. Once Jeff’ switched his marketing from ‘Turnkey’ sales solutions to ‘Branding & Audience Engagement’ The results have been staggering.

Other Benefit’s Jeff has Enjoyed:

  • Response Rates Increased from an Average 0.02% to 1.13%.
  • Attendance at Jeff’s Senior Retirement Classes rose from an average of 10-11 attendees/per class to 32-35.
  • The Local Town Sponsors One of His Retirement Classes.
  • The dean of the local university contacted him to teach an entrepreneurship class.
  • He has become an instructor at a local college teaching a class on entrepreneurship.


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